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Expect No Mercy

This song is by Wykked Wytch and appears on the album Something Wykked This Way Comes (1996).

The light is gone
Night has fallen
Black, evil shadow coming your way
This nightmare's just begun
Innocence being sacrificed
Upon the alter of hell
Enter and forever more dwell

Given a death sentence
As you enter into life
Mental scars upon your brain
Deep incisions of a knife
Past deeds held against you
Sins not repented

Expect no mercy, death is swift & near
Expect no mercy, face your deepest fear
Expect no mercy, inevitable fate
Expect no mercy, the tomb awaits
No mercy, no mercy from me
No mercy, hell's your eternity

Finning squad stands ready
Waiting for their command
Hanging judges verdict
Condemns the damned
Psychotics babble
Prayers are sung
With stone in hand
Requiems begun

13 coins killed the Lord
Blood spilled by my sword
Given life, then handed death
Dying man gasps for breath
The gallows await
Mob screams for blood
The guillotine's blade
Decides your fate

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