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Dripping Blood

This song is by Wykked Wytch and appears on the album Something Wykked This Way Comes (1996).

Black night covers me
Conceals my crime
The voices now command
Evil rules my mind

Dripping blood, death's at your door
Dripping blood, victim left on the floor
Dripping blood, devil with a knife
Dripping blood, what's another life!
Dripping blood
Dripping blood
Dripping blood
Dripping blood

Madness calls my name
To me, it speaks
Hands me the blade
Victims, now I seek

Face your fear, taste the steel
Death is near, soon you'll feel
The time has come, the end is here
The tomb awaits, I must kill!
Satan calls for me
The rage boils within
Blood stains my hand
I must kill again!

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