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​Black Widow

This song is by Wykked Wytch and appears on the album Something Wykked This Way Comes (1996).

Out of the shadows, here she comes
Spinning her web of hate
Fallen warriors before us
Bones mark their fate

Caught in her web
Trapped by deceit and lies
Loyal to none
She bites, you die!

Queen of all that's dead
Queen of all that's dying
Speaks to demons
Souls! Crying!
Invisible shadow
I call to thee
Illuminator of darkness
Open the gate to me

She'll soon rule Lucifer
Soon rule in Hell
The one of countless names
In this nightmare, she dwells!

Destroyer of light, Disciples of Hell
Feeds on the souls of the dark ones
Ammit, is she sent
To devour your enemies sons!

Takes you to the dark domain
She'll swallow your soul
Among the eternal damned
You will remain!
She's coming!
You die!