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This song is by Wykked Wytch and appears on the album Angelic Vengeance (2001).

Here she comes
Wings covered with venom embraces her
From the start lusting for her desires
Feed the hunger
Satisfy the blood
Beware of the wisdom please to meet the serpent
Now she dares, all of you
To toucli her wings
She will sting
Feeling weak system down
No one will be saved from your nameless crimes
To late to retaliate virus contaminates
All you fearless maggots
Venomiss on the run
Running with rage
Venomiss on the run
Flames through her mouth
Venomiss in the blood
Ready to inject infected ugly minds venomiss in the blood
Consuming fluids she sliall be fed
Venomiss on the run running with rage
Rest forevermore
Mass of" blood
In this dark grave venom came for you running
With rage ready to power strike running
With rage ready to power strike
Rest forevermore
Mass of blood
In this dark grave venom come for you
The disease has arrived
Expect your destiny crawl beneath
Venom rage on
Venomiss venomiss venomiss
Take them down dissect the last bite she will remain
Now she leaves her mark
The hunger has been satisfied they have tasted her lust


Written by:

Atilla Ipek

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