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​Fuck Your Lord

This song is by Wykked Witch and appears on the album Angelic Vengeance (2001).

Awaited time has arrived
These killing desires shall be met
For the last disciples
Final summons serves my revenge
Bastards are mine
Bastards are mine
Fear the master's intentions
Put your bloody nails
Through my coffin
I will revive, yes I will
Confined to the shadows darkness in the clouds
Bleeds into their minds
Time to execute
Suffering on my wisdom
I come to serve you eternal mass of pain
Pain... pain...
Grief, anger, rage, that's my name
You were my enemy, oh you bloody lied
You've been defeated
Now I welcome you to taste my victory
Shall remain in the possession of your being
Shall remain in the possession of your being
All you bloody bastards
Embrace the fear, possess my faith I now come to expedite her quest
I've come to revive bastards, condemned souls
Shall I end this misery, bastards
Should it be forgotten
As a faded memory
Upon given to my kingdom,
Bastards honor this massacre,
Join your master accept the final summon, bastards
Claim all lost wisdom,
Rejoin my coven feel the eternal energy,
Hear my voice embrace the fear,
Possess my faith
Let this horrific tragedy
Bastards... bastards...
All you bastards are mine bastards... bastards...
All you bloody bastards bastards are mine
Never underestimate
The force of darkness
My blood is in defeated hands
I stained my immortality in your conscience
I take my blood, I stain my blood
Bastards are.-.bastards are... bastards are...
No rest for unholy sins
Until the final entombment
No rest for unholy sins
No rest for unholy sins
No rest for unholy sins