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Blood Is Thicker Than Water

This song is by Wyclef Jean, features The Product G&B and appears on the soundtrack The Sopranos (1999).

(Italian speaking)

Yo, I'm rolling with the wise guys
You don't wanna testify
I thought it was a movie till they paid me off in jury duty
I can't front the check came in handy
'Cause my baby mother stressing me like Edith did Archie
They welcomed me into the family
Bought me a Porsche and a crib out in Jersey
I told my moms she wasn't thrilled
She told me they like mad lions son, they shoot to kill
And leave your body on the hill
Massacre similar to what happened in Amityville
I'm sitting back with a fifth
Reminiscing on who I miss
Sliding the family stone in the CD disc

It's a family affair (X4)

Blood is thicker than water
The feds got me under pressure, yeah
They say I might not see sunlight again
Unless I snitch on my man's
And that won't happen, no no

They want me to go undercover
They want me to wear a wire too
It'll never happen
'Cause I can't see
Me going against my family tree
It's a family affair

By the time you get this letter
I hope that you're in good health, mom
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to do you wrong
I know you raised me
In the ways of righteousness
And this is gonna be the last time I do a bit
I want out now
He laughed and said, Please Hee Hee
You can check out but you can't leave
I'll cut you up in so many pieces 'Clef
That even if I sent your mom the instruction
She couldn't put you back together
4-5 ways to be circumcised
Times stand still when the murders on the rise
Any last words
Give my regard to Tony Soprano...


Written by:

Jerry "Wonder" Duplessis and Wyclef Jean

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