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Lament For Lorien

This song is by Wuthering Heights and appears on the album Far From The Madding Crowd (2004).

Out of battle I did come
Afraid of darkness, afraid of the sun
The Gods led my feet to the kingdom now gone
Fairest of them all; Fairest of them all

Blesséd be the golden wood
Where trees were new that ages stood
For haunted souls a sanctuary true
And fairest of them all; Fairest of them all

O, what joy, what balm for wounds
To stray beneath the stars
Where elvenmaids did dance as light
As leaf on lindentree; Leaf on lindentree

In the mirror I did see
What haunts me in my dreams, brings me to my knees
Would that forever I could hide midst the trees
In Lórien the fair

Could I stay I would never leave
Could I stay I would ever be
In timeless land where shineth no moon
Yet I must leave here soon

O, the burden laid on me
My quest is hard to bear
Success and failure both shall be
The end of Goldenfair; The end of Goldenfair

I set my sails and leave this world
To me all seemeth bare
For neverafter shall I walk
In Lórien the fair; Lórien the fair

A dream now gone, a name in a song
The garden of the Gods, faded and lost
No one now lingers where mallorn once grew
And my world's fading too

Ai! laurië lantar lassi súrinen

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