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Death Bed

This song is by Wraith Of The Ropes and appears on the album Ada (2005).

(Lyrics by S. Rottinghouse & E. M. Hearst)

There is a light at the end of the tunnel
In my view my silhouette stands so clearly
Some holy presence that longs to embrace
Draws back it's caress when it nears me
With only darkness laid out in my path
I've resigned myself to the sensation
The flames of the liar sing hymns of despair
And I offer myself to damnation

Am I on my death bed now?
I lift my eyes towards the tower
Emotionless I wait for death
With bitter thoughts of what I've left
Will anyone discover
My corpse beneath these rotting covers?
Desperate to glance at the faces once more
Beyond the fever-dream door
The future dissipates
Mocking my hideous fate
Breathless, was I ever anything?
I try to hold onto the life I'm leaving

With fear I transcend reality
Longing only to live again
Desperate to relive memories
And slip into another dream
I cannot escape myself
I cannot escape Hell
The painted sky
Casts shadows through dilapidated halls
The mass of praying corpses
Descend into the murky walls
Will death bring me peace?
Or will the inferno engulf me?
Fear destroys solitary life, in ruins
Straining my eyes to see
The deceased walk along
These corridors of misery

A stranger watches
A man falling to Hell
A dying dream
His eyes prayed as he fell
Through watchtower mist
An unnatural bliss

The murmur of muted souls
Who lurk in murky passageways
Fragile figure
Shivers in the cold

Now the nightmare drags me under
Howling wind and crashing thunder
Waking now brings only anguish
The rustling leaves of rotting forests
The moon holds sway, must I remain
In bloodshot pain, or may I stray
Twitch and shake am I awake?
My clouded dreams are taking shape
And do I sleep, is all life gone?
I wake up to horrors of dawn
Known by the moon more than the sun
Where have I been what have I done?
I'm haunted by their silent screams
In memory of misery

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