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This song is by Wraith Of The Ropes and appears on the album Ada (2005).

(Lyrics by S. Rottinghouse & E. M. Hearst)

Death angel manifest
Malignant existence
Black candles flicker out
Nothing left here for me now
Sinking into deep depression
I lie awake in isolation
Inner fears are interfering
I am suffocating
Slash, lacerate
Eyes fixed on the hourglass
How slowly lonely hours pass
Everything is desolate
In senseless self imprisonment
Happiness never known
I die alone

Shaking hand holds the razor blade
Cringing as it penetrates
Gray skies spill despair
Eyes void, and unaware
Plunge back, feeling desperate
Lying still, inanimate

Life is frail, wheels of fate make sure we fail
Offer your heart and all you gain
Is a life of never-ending pain
I waste away until there's nothing left
I'm forcing out my final breath
Slash, lacerate

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