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Your New Favorite Song

This song is by Wow, Owls!.

You're a daisy if you do, you're a daisy if you don't, so cut the check
Please don't bite my head off after you take the silver spoon from my mouth
Hide the drugs from the kids, they won't have to know
The view is skewed
Do as I say, but not as I do
Debase yourself
I wonder what the man the man in the moon must think if from 3000 miles away, it looks pretty silly to me
But I know I'm no better
Pick your pattern
Dots erased replaced overflowing on a page with the help of a dried up pen
Fissures fracture, the floor falls apart
It leaves a hole where the weight pulls me down
The weight pulls me ten miles down where ill melt
Ten miles down and we're not on solid ground
Here is the canvas that you painted over
Convectional currents spread our love away
We're not getting any younger or so they say
It exposes the hurts lying dormant deep inside
Waiting to shift back to your love where ill reside

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