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Saccharine For My Sweetie

This song is by Wow, Owls!.

We've been tarnished by the weigh of the world and its rubbing up against us
And yeah, I do
I do to you, too
You said you knew what you wanted
Well I thought I did too
I used to put life out of me
With every flashbulb spark, a piece of me flakes and falls to the floor
Could you forget me? could you regret me? say you'll miss me because I want to believe that you will miss me
This beds too cold without you here and I need you near
This house is not a home
Is there somebody else? will these be our better years culminating in graying hair and lost teeth we can't kiss from 600 miles away
Because when our child starts crying, I just can't help it
I have to join in
And what's in it for all of us, two satin-lined caskets so we can share a plot together? id rather hold you here in my arms now to feel the two beating pulses from sickened hearts
This pain, this beat, this frustration will fade and wash away letting us pretend we never experienced them
This beat will fade
Just like a memory

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