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Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem

This song is by Wow, Owls! and appears on the album Pick Your Patterns (2005).

There was laughter one fall ago, now its distilled
The remenats are tinted brown sinking to the cup tipped upfor a toast
Your window is a television lit up with a line of pretty people
Waiting for their fifteen minutes
The actors are fake friends but at least I know they don't secretly hate me
Can you hear me? Can you hear me clipping on your radio?
There's a song playing on my stereo
I sing along wishing I could become a vessel
So my soul can soar, can travel back in time
I sing along to my stereo
It always sounds better in my head
I wanted to write a fuck you song, now I know that the you could be me
There's a vague resemblance in the looking glass to a person that I once knew
Maybe hed tell me, "it's a sad stale coffee cup slogan, you're not going to make it."