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Five Sexy Alligators, Please

This song is by Wow, Owls! and appears on the album Pick Your Patterns (2005).

Just remember that it's my hand that opened this vein
So you're excused from all the future entanglements we'll never have
Precious rubies spell out, welcome home,
On a banner streaming across the sky looking westward.
I found myself in a TV plot that I don't want to act in.
I'm not a child anymore, so why do I have to raise my hand?
I'm counting lessons I'll never learn on twenty fingers and twenty toes.
I don't want to sleep it off tonight but
I can still outrun the reruns with my friends of yesteryear
Maybe it's better we never see each other and live for right now
It's time for bed so wrap yourself in false friendships that you created yourself
Maybe its better to sleep in or wake up
Wake up
I'm waking up

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