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Coitus Maximus

This song is by Would.

You were made for me
My slave to ecstasy
I am your priest

You're on holy ground
Drawn up into the flame
Unbound and unafraid to be devoured

This is my temple
And you come
To worship me
Lay your body down
Across me now
I am the altar

I was built for you
Your name inscribed upon my bones
You are my goddess

I'm on holy ground
Deep beneath the yielding earth
I'm bound to die and rise again

This is your temple
And I come
To worship you
Lay my body down
Across you now
You are the altar

She walks
Aware only of the sound
Of her heart pounding
Through her temples

And the wind slithers
Through the pillars
And laps her neck
Like a lover

Like a flower
In the breeze, she trembles
To repress the fountain
Of her passion
She mounts the altar
She waits for her god

And he comes
Quivering like a newborn
Fights for breath
In the presence of his deity
Clothed in only radiant flesh

The holy caresses
Of his goddess
Raises mountains in the deep
And floods deserts long dry
With the ebb and surge
Of a rabid tide.

Don't fear the hour
Just let our flames devour
This sacrifice of flesh

We are holy ground
All others fear to tread
Where the spirits hold us sacred

This is our temple
And we come
To worship here
Lay our bodies down
Across the fire
We are the altar

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