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Vae Victis

This song is by Wotan and appears on the album Epos (2007).

The town is still burning when you throw your sword
On the scales
You're like the Lord of Hades
Breaking up in the world of light

Awful warrior of chaos
Came from the fog
Of the unknown
With your creaming horde
Of embers of hell

You bring here the terror
You bring here the hate
Destruction and sacrilege
They'll never forget

This is written
With the fire
For hundreds
And hundreds years
Until the wings of
Will be dipped in the blood
Of your breed

Ancestral fear of chaos
From the deep
Of their hearts
Now you are here
Bringer of death

Eternal battle of giants
Eternal battle of gods

Darkness and light
Order and disorder
On fight

Vae victis vae,
A thunder your voice,
Your sword on the scales
Vae victis vae,
Iron for gold,
Humbling exchange
Vae victis vae,
A burning defeat,
An oath of revenge
Vae victis vae,
Unforgettable fire,
Unforgettable shame

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