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I Am the End - Crucifixion Part II

This song is by Worship and appears on the album Dooom (2007).

I surrender
Too weak to carry on
My bones struggle
Towards the soil

I know the end
I know all's in place
For my departure
My sacrifice

I am the end
The bane of yore
Yet bridge to a dawn beyond

I am the end
The sacrifice
Hope's frail seed my legacy

Pathetic host
Bear me like a saint
With bloodletting eyes
To slaughter

Familiar cross
In hatred divine
I welcome you
In wedlock

"The ropes bit into my flesh
The rough wood scraped my back
A silence of awe fell on the throng
As my arms were spread out
Falling gently against the rusty nails protruding from the arms of the cross
I lost understanding of where I am
Nothing mattered anymore
I had done what I think I was born for
I had planted a seed to grow and tear down the sins of my blood
But I was born from guilt and I was to return the same way
My mind left me and the infernal pain behind
As my flesh and the nails united
There was a scream somewhere
And my cross was raised against the muted twilight moon"

Throughout man's rise and fall, stone would hardly change
The cave in the mountains would see them wake again
And again, unmoved. This time, something changed
Carven into the rock above a bed of stone
These words would meet the Newborn: "Brother, this is my legacy. I woke as you have
Torn from his flesh, as you are
I tried to stop them as you will
I failed, but you will prevail. And here is how..."

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