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Graveyard Horizon

This song is by Worship and appears on the album Dooom (2007).

I reached the core
Once the peak of life
The bleeding eyes
Of empty shells

A shattered vision
The failure that was man
Higher spires

Graveyard horizon
Whence my eyes can't flee
Every ruin
Is convicting me
They all, as one

Her voice foremost
Too dead to bear
Fingers damn
Then crumble to dust
Their touch is stone
The present past
Passed away
As life is lost

"In the dead city, only the echoes of my steps are alive
Like in a dream, I entered a shattered and half-buried house through its gaping eyeholes
Inside a body of rags and ashes, she's long dead, unknown, forgotten
I wipe the dirt from my wet eyes but I can hardly see
Look! A brittle newspaper! This... cannot be
It's all a mad... unending nightmare
These voices... I did nothing! Nothing, you hear me? Leave me alone!"

You live
Where we are doomed
To die
You must reveal
Our secret bane

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