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In Pieces

This song is by Worn Thin and appears on the album Remnants Of What Could Have Been (2003).

Fuck your revolution
Because I won't take part
In your slogans without solutions
These walls that set us apart
Living an illusion trying to save the world
Forgot about the problems in your own backyard
Living in an ideal world where anarchy is king
You make up the rules excluding those who don't think the same
With what you read in print you think you hold the cure
Negativity breeds division between us all
Always scream how you hate this place
It's so fucked up and it's got to change
You've done nothing but run your mouth
If it's so bad get the fuck out
We don't need, need you around
Breaking these walls stone by stone
Cutting my hands, cutting my bones
Cutting my hands, cutting my bones
Stone by fucking... Stone

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