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This song is by Wormed and appears on the album Planisphaerium (2003).

Thermonuclear zone of polidium

All surgace contaminating the plagued planet
Reflections, pollution, Hexagonal eggs contain...
Lowering creatures

Wrapped up in the density of ice methane
The fire has been paralysed by the eclipse

Ill dehydrate this planet

Now I have the opportunity to escape
Protecting the unalterable ego
Ill dehydrate, this planet

My weapons are impelled
For supernatural forces

These doesn't serve with the insects
I should use the energy of this planet
In order to overheat it
Creating a tunnel of ions
To arrive to the nucleus
Ill dehydrate this planet

Absorbing the atmosphere completely
In abstract astral plane hairspring of energy

Ill dehydrate this planet
In that hell should be hot...

Ill dehydrate this planet, this planet ill dehydrate

In abstract astral plane hairspring of energy
The creatures are making a strange metamorphosis

A lost culture become insect...

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