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The Darkness

This song is by Worm Is Green and appears on the album Glow (2009).

One cold winter night
He was walking the path towards nowhere
It was around midnight
Just a night like any other

But suddenly, everything went dark
The whole city was out of electricity
In a great distance, he saw a powerful glow
And he started running, like he was running for his life

He ran deep into the forest
Through the darkness, into the wild
He was almost there
The light was shining brighter, then ever before

This is it
This is where they met for the very first time

She stood in the middle of the lake
With the moon and the stars reflecting off the ice

She was white as snow
Electric eyes that shine through the night
He was mesmerized, he could hardly speak
When she walked towards him and smiled

She took his hand, and gently said hello
Then they walked together back across the lake

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