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I Will

This song is by Worlds Apart.

I watch the moonlight raining down on you tonight
And as you're sleeping I am hypnotized
Just to steal this moment, just to make it mine
I've give every dream I hold inside

You touched my soul with a love I have never known
It's a flame that will always burn

What ever you ask me to sacrifice for you
I will, I will, I will
I will always be there for you, be forever true
I will, I will, I will
Until time stands still, I will

I will only have to stop the hands of time
From turning
To spend my life just lying here with you
Thought I knew how to love but now at last
I'm learning
I'll know much more before this night is through

I feel this love grow stronger with every
Breath I breathe
Every beat of my heart


I'd steal the stars away and I'd stop the driving rain
To be with you every step of the way
When I look into your eyes I see my only desire
You touched my soul with love I have never known
It's a flame that will always burn


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