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Pet Hate

This song is by World War Four.

Here is everything I ever wanted,
Here is everything I'd ever need
I know my pet hate
Wants to destroy me,
I know my pet hate is

You don't wanna live that way.
Bleed before you grow
You know you don't want to stay.
You don't wanna go

And here goes everything
I'd ever wanted,
There goes everything
I had ever dreamed
Deep down I'm the beast inside me.
I know my pet hate is me.

It's a popular misconception
That man has two distinctly
Different sides.
The dichotomy of good and evil
That is inherent to all
Is widely accepted.
But in reality,
We are much more complex
If you look deep inside yourself
Long enough you will see
Not just good and evil,
But a myriad of evils and good.
Many beasts and many evils
Make up us all.
Some we control,
Some control us

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