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This song is by World War Four.

Loser, bow your head in tears,

Alone you cry so no one hears

Your silent tears don't make a sound,

Your broken heart bleeds on the ground

Loser can you feel their stares,

Their smiles hide contemptuous glares

Their eyes so cold can't help betray,

Their open arms push you away

Loser sleep alone tonight,

Dream the same dream lose the fight

Moon above no pity spares,

A lonely face sheds lonely tears

Loser does it feel so strange,

You knew your life would end this way

Your open eyes just couldn't see,

The coldness of reality

Loser all alone once more

A shadow of the smile you wore

I feel the pity in your eyes,

The desperation in your sighs

Loser bow your head in prayer,

Alone you pray but God won't hear

No second thoughts to turn you back

As all around you fades to black.

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