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(I'll Take My Gun To The...) Knife Fight

This song is by World War Four.

I am vibration like the sun
The earth, the moon, the chosen one
And while a thousand wars are won
Our battles rage till we are done

An inclination to believe
There's so much more we cannot see
Your blinded eyes still strive to dream
As you are fed to the machine

And I'm loaded, loaded, I am loaded

And if all Hell and me collide
Don't take offence or take a side
'Cause you can't run and you can't hide
Just blame the words you used to lie

A winter bitter cold like stone
As overhead dark clouds are blown
And underfoot I grind your bones
Your flesh, your spirit, long since gone


  • Written by: Martin/Wilson/Page
  • Lyrics: Martin, copyright control.
  • Guitar, Vocals: Paul Martin
  • Bass: Cass Wilson
  • Drums: Greg Page