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This song is by World On Edge and appears on the album World on Edge (1990).

I'm holding the wings
Of the people so dear
I'm amazed that they call me
With drops of their tears
The days that were lovely
I remember so clear
I hear memories they call me
Of people so near
Like a heart to an arrow
Like a cry in the night
I hear memories call me tonight
Goodbye, please don't cry
Oh no, I know that if we try
We'll meet in the end
In heaven... my friend
Are the lights going down
Is the room turning slow
Do the voices I hear come from
Down, down, down below
The people of bliss
I hear them cry in the night
They say ooh... ooh... ooh
It feels so right
I say
World On Edge:
Rob Meyer
Steph Thompson
Peter Hopkins
Jon Daniels


Written by:

Stanley Cowell, Debbie Gibson, Gordon Jacob, Gordon Jenkins, Carole Bayer Sager and Narada Michael Walden

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