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The Fly

This song is by World Class Wreckin' Cru.

Everybody why don't you try
A brand new dance that we call The Fly
Just move your hands, shake your neck
And move your body just like an insect

The Fly, yeah, is what you got to do
The Fly, aha, just let it land on you
The Fly, yeah, let it take control
The Fly, aha, in the sugar mould

Now the sound of The Fly is what you heard
Don't get confused WARK! with the bird
You're doin' The Fly and it's gettin' hotter
Now step to the side, here comes a fly swatter

Fly yeah
Fly y-y-y-y-yeah
Fly yeah yeah
Fly aha
Fly yeah
Fly aha
In the sugar mould

You're doin' The Fly and you've got it made
Don't worry about HA! that can of Raid
It's only here to keep the peace
But if you mess with The Fly it will be released

Now senoritas don't feel shy
We also brought along the Spanish Fly
So keep on dancin, you're doin' fine
Hey DJ, start that record one more time

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