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He's Bionic

This song is by World Class Wreckin' Cru.

He's Bionic! [x4]
He's Bionic! He's Bionic! He's Bionic, Bionic, Bionic, Bionic!
He's Bionic! Ah Bionic! [x2]

(Verse 1: Yella)

There's no measure of the skills that are in his hands
People ask "Is he machine or man?"
Positions what he's called or just Dr Dre
People take a look 'cause he's your future DJ
When he cuts the beat you all will know
Because his records start to smoke and then his turntables glow
If you're a sucka DJ then you'll have a comic
Step to the front if you like embarrassment

He's Bionic! Yes!
He's Bionic! So fresh!

(Verse 2: Yella)

Acquired the skill that you must learn
To become a DJ Doctor, not a grabbin turn
Always seen wit you nurses by his side
And you can bet that the Doctor keeps them satisfied
His supersonic speed is his ace in the hole
Over all the top DJ's, Dr Dre's in control
He operates in LA 'cause it's the place to be
He's B-I-O-N-I-C

(Verse 3: Yella)

Now as the wheels start burnin and the mixer explodes
The wax from his discs will make you suckas corrode
Radiation level rises to degrees unknown
The circuits overloaded then your speakers are blown
Now ya hear a loud thunder that vibrates the ground
'Cause his hands are movin faster than the speed of sound
Everybody runs and they try to avoid
But it's too late 'cause the place is already destroyed

He's Bionic!
(Repeat to fade)

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