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Gang Bang You're Dead

This song is by World Class Wreckin' Cru.

Listen to the story as we rap to the beat
As we educate ya 'bout life in the street
'Cause gang bangin', dope slangin, back of the head
If you do it too long, you'll end up dead
If you don't end up dead, you'll end up in jail
Livin' your life in a concrete hell

Gang bang! You're dead and lyin' in the street
Gang bang! Fifteen years old and a cold piece o' meat
Gang bang! Now tell me brotha watcha gonna do
Gang bang! When the coroner puts the bag on you

Ooh you're standin on the corner, selling weed
Tryin' to earn money for the things you need
You look like a waitress, who works in a bar
But you don't wait on tables, you wait on cars
You don't carry a tray, you carry a bag
A car passes by, you start to blast
A car pulls over then you make the drop
And out jumps a badge and a narco cop
Up against the wall, and down to jail
You can't go home 'cause you can't make bail
Your mother's at home, constantly cryin
For fear that her baby could be dyin'

You wear red rag, blue rag, and big shoelaces
You drink 40 ounce brew by the cases
You dress so tacky till you look like a slob
And you wonder why you can't get a job
You wear barrets and you call yourself a man
And you never wear the right size pants
Your clothes are never fresh, they're always stale
Who's your designer, the county jail?
You got secret words and finger signs
Twisted egos and warped minds
Your grammar is bad and you think you're cool
But if you listen to yourself, you sound like a fool

A boy goes to visit his favorite girl
That knowing is ????? in this world
He turns a corner and to his surprise
He sees 20 thugs before his eyes
Then they ask him what set you from
He stands there looking nervous and dumb
They take his money and pull out a knife
Then they beat him to a pulp and take his life
The police come around asking questions
But the neighbors respond with cold rejection
They say they're terrified to get involved
But tell me how can this crime be solved?

It's the first of the month and it's Mothers Day
Parents swimming with the kids - are you afraid
You lurk in the shadows, like the hype
Can't wait to put a rock in that pipe
You snatch a woman's purse then you start to run
Police are on your heels and you're having fun
You dive into an alley to count the cash
But the woman has her money in her other stash
You get real mad and you start to curse
That the woman didn't have the money in her purse
Everything is perfect but you had one flaw
You were being followed by the law

Tell me brother what you gonna do
When the coroner puts the bag on you

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