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Baby You're Right

This song is by Working Class Heroes.

Stepping Off the plane
I'm gonna be home
I can't wait to see you
Although it's been a long time
I know you will remember me


Finally here, after 20 years
I'm gonna meet my fate, my destiny

Nobodys gonna stop me, No
It's not called killing, its cleaning

Baby, you're right
Lets kill all these low life dirrty cheating liars
Run rabbit run
But sooner or later I'm gonna catch you, you're done
Yeah, you're done, yeah

There is no wrong, if somone needs killing you kill them
Oh you kill them
Baby your right, you'd better run away, from me
You'd better run away from me, yeah...

Nobodys gonna stop me, no,
It's not called killing its cleaning, its called cleaning

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