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To Be A Little More Free, Less Inhibited

This song is by Work In Progress.

As the night darkens I swim with my skin crawling
Because water is rebirthing
And we could all use a new beginning

And I've denied myself so many things
It's a wonder I'm still capable of breathing
But the surviving are adaptable
Those that can't simply down fall
In my heart I'm like a dragon, but I'm much more like a moose
And with my words I'm fire breathing but with my actions it's solitude

And I find I'm lonely all the time
So I'd best find something to occupy my mind
A little pointless knowledge will get me by
And distract me from that which I try---
To find but which I always come up dry
And I don't know if I need a person like me or someone to change my sight

And so I'd write it off to the government
They'd probably outlaw what I'd want to do
Saying "that's not for you
You're a diff'rent more blessed child
Don't go running 'round with the wild
'Cause Hitler and I, we have different plans for you
We're going to dehumanize you through and through"

And I wish I'd been born to the suburbs
Then I could be more frustrated
And have a legitimate reason
Instead I was born without all those cultural limitations
And so I should have known better than this
So now I could be a little more free and a lot less inhibited

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