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The Old Goat

This song is by Work In Progress.

Driving up the eastern coast
Fighting with my lonely ghost
I want it so bad I can taste it in my breath
I'm breathing so hard, I hope I'm gonna last

Wind, and whine
Unwind, unwind
Attention starved, you're gonna have to try
Leave me alone or get me out of here
I have no money
I want to pay you back


Drive into the Old Goat
This has got to be, this had got to be a joke
I hope I don't, I hope I don't choke
Choking out at the Old Goat

Give me some air
It's hard to see
And get some alcohol inside of me
Loosen me up
Or make me alive
I better do something before I die

Choking at the Old Goat
Choking at the Old Goat
Choking at the Old Goat
Choking at the Old Goat

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