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This song is by Work In Progress.

Once upon a day was just something you used to say
Like the never ending compromise to the life you couldn't find
And you wait and try to forget about the illogical mind
As you sit there broken

"Can't you see, it was not, wasn't me
It was just someone that I used, and used to be"
But now it's gone and I think that it's time
To just move on and forget about the lies

Now we try a little harder, it's the best we can do
And I'll try to talk some more if you just try to talk some too
Because I'm just not here on my own
You wouldn't be arguing me with me if you just didn't care
And I care, and I care, and I care, and I wish that I didn't care
Because then there'd be nothing left to keep me here

Oh my oh my, what have I done this time?
There's no blood on me but I bleed
The blood on you was just something that happened at the time
It was not a choice
It was just a fine
And it's just not fine
It is just not fine
It is just...

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