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If You Ever Occur To Want Me

This song is by Work In Progress.

Standing alone in a crowd
Too drunken now to speak out
And I want to speak out
It just seems that I've forgotten how

And I'm drinking to escape something
Hoping for another life living
Because alcohol it's mind-numbing
And my mind's the one thing that could use expanding

And my body has not yet failed
But it ain't passing the test
Inhibit, extra-exhibit
And then fall down

I'm still living up to my fears of ten years since gone
Loneliness, it nourishes me
Anorexic and attention starving
For somebody to eat
But no one caters to my needs
At least not of my diet, hey it's the fad of the weak

Just give five minutes to connect with me
You don't have to do anything that doesn't come naturally
You know I'll adjust, you know that I'll adapt
To whatever suits your mood of what is come to pass
But don't lead me on, don't watch me stray

I'm through being the lamb left to be prey
Come to my stable, you don't have to stay
Just know that I am here if you ever occur to want me
If you ever occur to want me
If you ever occur to want me
You'll know where I'll be
If you ever occur to want me

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