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Attention Starved Pt. 1

This song is by Work In Progress.

Someone please kill me
Because I can't kill myself
Lonely Lonely
Pathetic and horny

Wandering the street aimlessly
Time well spent is time not spending money
Check the faces of strangers
No one has any smypathy for me

(And can you blame them...)

And Attention Starved
You're crying hard
And you don't know just what to do
Acting up on impluses
Knowing you'll be let down
Suffer alone and without a sound

Come to dinner with me
We'll talk it over while we satisfy our basic needs
Maybe that'll make you want me
It's just food for thought,
But I can't help but slowly starve
Any chance I'd had at possible meaning...

And Attention Starved
You've given up
And retired to your life sentence
Of stillness, and solace
Any sign of motion will just remind you
Of that which you've never had

Here's my calling card
The bridge burner
You can't help but hate me

And Attention Starved
You're a dying art
In life you'll never be understood
You can't wholely put yourself into someone
Without someone getting fucked
And you're tired of being fucked

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