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Think You're Free

This song is by Wookiefoot and appears on the album Activate (2006).

How can you escape
Now you think your free

Little fish swim around his bowl
This is the only world that he knows
And then someone came along and just
Flushed him down the toilet
And somehow he ended up in the sea
And he said damn man isn't it grand your
Always part of a bigger plan
Whenever I think it's two there's always three

'Cause if you think your free
Then you can't escape

Little fish swimming in the bay
He was captured by a bird of pray (lord how he prayed)
But don't you know the moment when he owned that we would die
He overcame came his fear and he opened up his eyes
He saw the sky and trees and mountains and the
Animals and plants
He had a vantage of the planet which the other fishes can't
Till the bird lost his grip and he fell down to the sea
And he said damn man isn't it grand your always a
Part of a bigger plan
That nobody in the oceans gonna believe

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