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Nod My Head

This song is by Wookiefoot and appears on the album Make Belief (2001).

Nod my head when chalky finger pointing down
When condescending tone alone the only sound
When ruler hit my knuckle on the holy ground
When every time she talk about a wedding gown
It's not in the words that your singing
It's the way that you sing their song
Nails on a chalkboard its got my head ringing
And I'm not going to sing along

I just nod my head

No love in his heart no beat in his chest
But he's saving all his change to buy bullet proof vest

I look around this world for some guidance
The far corners where Nothing is said
Looking for old men sitting on mountains in silence
Dalia Lama gives a smile and he nods his head

So I nod my head

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