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Monkey On A String

This song is by Wookiefoot and appears on the album Activate (2006).

I used to let it run saw that it was havin' fun
Thought that it would get tired but it only just begun
Now I'm annoyed with the species as it's jumpin' branch to branch
Or throw a little fieces, or do a little dance
And my mind isn't steady it's spinning like a top
Got tangents and they vanish into English or to Spanish
And it never feels finished
I can almost touch the Grail
They monkeys in a circle and he's swallowin his tail
He's got his buddy's in a barrel and their arms are locked
I try to get one but only get the whole lot
I see the claws and the fangs and the riots on the way
Lord what I wouldn't give to get quiet for a day
Devouring itself but it can't feel the sting
And the thoughts keep on turnin' till I think I thought of everything
Got to keep your monkey on a string

Meditate to make that Primate sing!

(Buddha, Buddha, Buddha!)

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