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Days You Come From

This song is by Woodward.

What do you tell her when the money's gone?
You know by morning she'll be moving on.
It's a long, long story, the days that we gone from.

A revelation that I've come to see.
I take my lessons as they come to me.
It's a long, long morning, see what you've become.

So please can you bring me back the love that I lost.
Please can you bring me back the love that I lost.
That I lost. That I lost.

They "ooh" and "ah" you with their prying eyes.
They shake your hand and plan for your demise.
Been a long time coming, look at what they've done.

And conversations are a waste of time.
When all she wants is just to come inside.
It's a strange sensation, this is what you've won.

And if you're still alive there's no explanation.
You step inside to a strange situation.
You step outside and you can't seem to shake it.
The days that you come from.

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