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This song is by Wooden Wand.

Well they carried me away with the spirit of I don't know what
And the moon drew a circle around our collective big mouth
And they choked up the dam with a gaggle of horses
Who just weren't up to the task of hard-living
And that was with Beth and together we were giving it up
The honorable salutes of the villains appeal to my mind
And I dashed toward the light with a fervor I hadn't yet known
And the stone-faced magician did tricks for the gentry
And sunk down in private when everyone stunned him
I was in school at the time and I tell you we were living it up

Lay down that bottle of beer
(Do we live somewhere)
Oh, but you live here

I got work as a cook at Ford's theater 'cause I couldn't face death
And I put my good eye on the lip of the bottle of oil
And I blacked out in seconds it was almost as if my old eye was a surrogate
Breather for me and I laughed in my sleep next to she who had given me luck

Lay down that bottle of beer
(Do we we live somewhere)
Oh, but you live here

And the cardinal colored abrasion was my show and tell
With some blues that I learned from some drunk at the veteran's hall
My hair swept above me like a guardian stranger
Flashbulbs exploded as I bared my teeth
At the lonesome detractors of luck I was eating it all

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