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Where Did My Bad Ass Chick Go?

This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

I remember my straight edge chick
A hot ass bitch that never had no dick
But she's all gone, said she had to go
Talked to her again, but now she's a ho ...

I don't get it, I don't regret it
Every second was the best
She ignored me, started to bore me
Now she's turned gross and incest
How did she go from so great
From the day of our first date
To this disgusting bitch
That I see now today

I remember my bad ass chick
A punk rock girl with a love for clit
But now it seems she's another whore
And she don't need me around no more!

Why did I let my angel go?
She went to hell, now she's tellin' me no
I tried to fuck her but it wouldn't fit
Now she's a skank ho who wears tight outfits

And I don't get how anybody would go from so great to so bad
I guess like always she'll blame it on me and her mom, and her dad
But I don't see why she did me just the way she did
Why'm I so angry if she mistreats me, and I know she always did ...
(Fuck I dunno how to rhyme!)

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