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What You Expect Of Me

This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

People, the words they wrap around you
And it's lethal the way things all surround you
Well I know, and I'm aware
That nothin's free
Oh no, look out there
What do you see?

What you expect of me? What do ya want?
Pushin' myself for you
What do you want from me? Somethin' ya need?
What exactly can I do?
Well I've got down all the things around you
And all I know is fear
What you expect of me?
Of me ...

The world it winds, it slowly spinnin'
It twiddles into a screen
I know, I'm silent but inside me
I really wanna scream
'Cause I know, that I'm scared
Of everything in you
But ok, I'm ok
What do i

Oh why do I always fight it?
What's it used to do?
I lose my way inside it
What am i
To do?

Of me, of me, of meeee (4x)

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