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Valuing Every Second

This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

So many day gone by and I'm still asking why
Why I have to feel this way, and why we have to die
Sometimes it burdens me, just the thought that I'm growing up
I thought I could grow up in the real world
But I realized IT REALLY SUCKS!

The thoughts just keep up piling up so
I sit around and think about what I wanna do in life
Then the other day I realized something, yeah, something
I'm not valuing every second, I'm just
Wasting all my time

Wasting all my time!

Too many night gone by where I'm up till three on the phone
When will I ever grow up and get away from home?
When I would look in the mirror I used to see sexy
But then one day I realized, it can't be hot, because I'm looking at me!

So I guess
I'll sit back
And let life
Pass me by

Someday i
Know I'll ask

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