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This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

I've got too much on my mind again
It's all starting to crumble down, and fall apart
I don't know if this is how I want things
Especially when I don't know just how far ...

I have so many friends who care
But how many of them are telling the truth?
How often is it that we die
With no one out there who cares enough to be true?

How many nights have I spent awake
With a burden on my mind?
How many people have I hurt before
How many individuals too many times?

Why does life seem to be full of nothing
When you feel like nothing's left?
Why is it when we all feel like something
It's all slept away ...

I can't think that I'm the kind of it all
When all I am is a fool
Look what I did, another mistake
Another amusement for all of you.

Life doesn't last forever
And I feel I'm running low on time
Sometimes nice guys finish last
And I'm not first in line

I want to have people that care
I want to know that I'm alive
I want to know there's someone out there
Who thinks I'm the reason to strive

I want to be someone special in this world
I want to know I make people smile
I want to dream and have dreams come true
I want them to last for awhile

So I sit here by myself
I need someone to talk to
No one's awake at 3 AM
To help me talk things through

I need some sleep I've been awake
For four fuckin' days
I can't sleep with this on my mind
There just ain't no way ...

I'm really starting to get pissed off
Because there is no end
I'm sick of all these bullshit lies
And all these so-called friends

Why is it when you think you know someone
They always prove you wrong?
Why you always fall behind
Where you once were running strong?

What the fuck is up with me
And how come nothing's right?
How come we all can't live
Or find a reason to fight?

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