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Told'ja So

This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

Why'd ya have to give in to his lies?
Why'd you never see it in his eyes?
Why'd you never listen to me?
When happy's all I wanted you to be ...

You listed, and listened, as he told you promises
And each one a promise was broke
Now I hate to, see the way you, sulk around
While he laughs at this like it's a joke

How come you never listened to me?!

You waited, sedated, seduced and ready to screw
'Cause he was on his way over and you know what he wanted to do
And all he ever wanted from you was sex.
How come you couldn't catch that?

Why? (4x)
All I did was love you!
Now cry, and cry, and cry, and cry
'Cause in the end you know, he really fucking fucked you!

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