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To My Mentor

This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

What do you wanna be when you grow up?
I just want to get myself away
Will I ever be anything good?
Will I be something someday?

Can I just live a good damn life?
Why are you yelling at me?
What do I do that always seems so bad to you?
Why can't I be anything you expect me to be!?

Why am I trying so god damn hard?
If you tell me I'm not so great?
Why does nothing ever satisfy you?
I think I'm about to break.

I'm about to break ...

I tried so hard when I could try
Failure is what I received
Why you always say I'm such a bad son?
Why you always look down on me?

Why can't I ever be good enough?
Why can't I never add up?
Why can't I be what you call the "good stuff"?
Why can't I live a life that's not so rough?

Why is it every time I try
You make me feel I want to die
And all I ever do is pray
I'll do better the next day
Why is it all I ever do
Is find new ways to smile at you
But you always frown at me
Can this life be as bad, as sad as it seems?

I just want to add up
I just wanna be good enough for you
I just wanna make you proud of me ...
Is that possible?

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