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Spin It Around

This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

Never to hard to swallow
These tears float oh so shallow
One more rule to follow
And it's all I ask of you

Needed some time to think back
Make one more senseless statement
Don't you really just hate that
It's all I ever do ...

Time is a wasted treasure
Spin it around, spin it 'round
It is pure pain or pleasure?
Spin it around, spin me 'round
Taking life by that hand it's not an
Easy chore but nothing is, so I
Spin it around to see which track will play
Which track will play?


Always the wrongest answer
Never something planned or
Looked forward to a savior
And it's really nothing right
Another day to live through
But I still can't forget you
You did the best you could to
Make your impact on my life, girl

I guess we all take for granted
Everything we're handed
But I'll
Spin it around
To make it all make sense, am I making sense? come on!

Spin it around (8x)

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