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Punk Rules Are Bullshit

This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

How the fuck can you tell when you're punk?
Is it when you drop all the hip hop and the funk?
Or do you have to dye your bleach blonde hair
To a color that you can't find anywhere?

Or do you wear all plaid and band shirts?
Or get so many piercings that it hurts?
Do you have to go out and buy some chucks?
Or buy some shirts that says "Punk music sucks"?

How the hell can you be a bad ass punker
But claim that labels are for bullshit posers?

I hate when I go out to places and I spike up my hair
And everybody all around me has to stop and point and stare
Why can't I just be someone, who breaks stuff and thinks it's fun?
What the fuck with all this pressure?

I don't like to think that all I do is try to be
Someone who hates conformity
Why do punks have a standard
When that's all punk used to stand for?

I thought that punk meant you didn't have to
Dress how anyone thought you should do
If that's all punk's about
Then why you have to go a certain route?

If being a punk means that you don't have any rules
Then why the fuck are there so many?

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