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This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

You ... you really did believe
Every word they said
And you ... you believed them
And started wishing you were dead
And of all the people, why to you?
What exactly did you do?
What made you think you were so great?

Why do you believe
That you gotta be
Something special to me?
When will you see
It's meant to be
You are who you are
So you never should be ... mean

Now ... you feel you're bad
And you really are the worse
And how ... much you changed
Because you're cursed
And of all the things you could've done
How come you didn't duck and run?
Now what is it that you await?

You just had to be awkward
Had to be thin
Had to make sure
That you fit in
And now that you're gone
You've gone away
When they find out
What will they say?

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