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Internet Girlfriend

This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

This song goes out to Carissa, Lindsay, Jackie, Andrea, Adrianna, and all the other fuckin' screen names that've come and gone but left their mark on my life!


I still remember
I was such a loser
Not a guy with a girl
No one to love in the world

I didn't have a girlfriend
And feelin' so sad
So I turned on my computer
Signed online then I met her

I talked to her in an I M
And she said "I love you man"
And she told me I was grand
And she's my internet girlfriend

It never felt so good to feel a keyboard
Especially those lonely nights
When all I had to do is get online
And then I'd feel all right
So when I'd ever feel real down
And needed something out there just to mend
All of my feeling inside
I had my internet girlfriend

I didn't have a meaning
Not one in my life
Then I got myself the internet
Nerd by day, cool by night

So when I signed on
And you were on my buddy list
We would send smileys
And oh man I was lovin' this

And when I felt that infatuation
And I had to get laid
All I needed was some cyber sex
And then everything was ok!

I never thought my life was great ...
I always had these hurting feelings
But I would always feel so much better
When you would E-Mail me!

You are my internet girlfriend!
I'll never need a real girlfriend.
'Cause you'ree my internet girlfriend

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