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Am I Anything To You Anymore?

This song is by Wooden Soldiers.

I spent all my time wondering if you were ok
And all you ever did was say the bullshit that you'd say
You told me once you loved me, but know you love me not
Is this the way that life is, or have you just forgot?

Well it's all right, and it's ok
My life is going horrible right now
But you don't care, and you won't care
So I don't guess I'll try anyhow
I just wanna know what I did wrong
And why you can't forgive me forever more
And how come all I do for you goes un-noticed
Am I anything to you anymore?

I took alot of time out of my lonesome life
To give a call to you to see if things were all right
You always said you'd be there till the end
Well what the fuck kind of person are you? Not a friend!

All I've ever tried to do
Is make you think I was ok
And all you've ever seemed to do
Is make me feel like I'm not that great ...

And it's all right, 'cause I don't care
And nothing matters, 'cause nothing's there
Anymore ...
Any more ...


All I ever wanted was to make you think!
Once again all over that i
Was so great! yeah!

But all you've ever said to me is I just live in emphamy
And I'll always be on your mind I'll be there some place hard to find
But you've always been in my head I can't get you out, or what you've said
I hate myself, I hate myself
I hate my-self

And I feel like I'm not that great ...

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